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Saturday, March 15, 2008

S.I.L.K on Swiss TV

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S.I.L.K. news !!

"a touch of silk" explores an emotional world in which
love naturally plays a central role, with all its
bright as well as dark sides. Themes like tolerance
and taking a positive attitude towards life are also
important to these 5 young musicians and are thus also
reflected in their music.

The group worked with a European team of producers,
who understood how to melt these 5 individual vocal
characters to a harmonic whole. The outcome is a pop
album with an appeal that spans all ages and is unique
in both Europe and Asia: “a touch of silk” Listen,
close your eyes, and submerge yourself in the world of

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Silk is having the big break-through on Swiss Television - on Saturday, February 9th 2008

Release and Making off's the music projekt S.I.L.K in the Swiss TV SF2 "Music Night
under "Swiss music scene, news"

Don't miss it - or go the Video link